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NEW Style Katb Ketab @Dreamz Valley by DIVA

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Lisa Cannon invites her Xpose co-hosts to her wedding

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It would be the Dolce Vita for the co-hosts of Lisa Cannon’s Xpose as they are all asked to come to her Italian marriage ceremony. The lady from Dublin is all set to tie the knot with her fiancé Richard Keatley, the Welsh native, in an intimate wedding ceremony in Florence, Italy, later in September.

When many may believe that the glamorous presenters – Karen Koster, Peter O’Riordan and Aisling O’Loughlin – do not get on. According to Lisa, they are thick as thieves. She told that people always behave like oh, you people must hate each other. But they are not like that. They are always WhatsApping and she recently called Karen to meet up with her and baby Finn. They are all invited to her wedding. They have been the best colleagues and friends for the past 8 years. Therefore, it would suggest that the world to have them there.

Marriage programs might take up a whole lot of time, but Lisa also has a busy jetting to Oscars as well as the London premieres. Still, she told that things do not always go as per plan when she is interviewing Hollywood A-list stars. Continue reading 'Lisa Cannon invites her Xpose co-hosts to her wedding'»

Wedding Setup by DIVA @ Dussit Thani 23 Dec.2012

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Drop Dead Diva – The Wedding

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Wedding Hire

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